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Spring Lu'an Guapian

Spring Lu'an Guapian

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Lu'an Guapian is a delightful green tea grown and harvested in Anhui Province. This particular crop was harvested in late May.

The processing methods that Lu'an Guapian undergoes is very interesting. 3 different firing sessions happen after the initial withering stage. The first time it is fired, the oxidation chemical reaction is stopped. This keeps the tea in the green tea category.
The second time the tea is fired, brooms are used to stir the leaves around the wok, giving it its unique curled shape.
Finally, the last firing phase is used to fully dry the tea.

Origin: Qi Mountain, Lu'an, Anhui Province, China
Harvest date: Late Spring Harvest in May, 2016
Flavor notes: Spinach, Sugar Cane, Cream

Recommended brewing:
6g of tea; 8oz of water
80 degrees celcius
1 minute first infusion

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