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Social Distancing

In light of everything that is happening right now, we understand the need for social distancing. Just know, we're still here for your tea needs.

For the next 2 weeks, we're running a 15% off sale on our 2019 harvested teas. This will help us make room for the upcoming 2020 Spring harvest. We're excited to continue to work with our partners in China and Taiwan so we can continue to bring you some truly incredible teas. The 15% is automatically deducted at checkout.


Furthermore, we know a lot of people are stuck at home. Some people aren't able to work. We have updated our online shop with some teas previously taken off the menu. These teas are well stored out of season crops. We have either phased these particular teas out of rotation because we got a newer harvest in or we just weren't able to continue to stock it. No one should be without good tea, so we have greatly reduced these teas prices to make them available to a wider audience.

Furthermore, if you live in the Boston area, we're offering free bicycle delivery.


Be safe. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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