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About us

Hawkhurst Tea was created because I wanted to share my passion for tea and tea culture with as many people as I could. I import teas for resale, that I think are exceptional. My mission is to visit tea farms from all over the world to find high quality product from the source.

Hawkhurst Gang Whipping 2
The story behind the name “Hawkhurst Tea”: Hawkhurst is a small
village in the town of Kent, England. In the 1700’s, it was home to a
notorious gang of smugglers. The smugglers were most notoriously known
for their attack on a customs house in Poole, England where they stole
a large quantity of tea. This Hawkhurst Gang rode off with 2 tons of
tea (on horseback nonetheless), and the story ends when a customs
agent sent to arrest members of the gang, finds an informant and
pursues them. However, in a violent altercation with the gang both
the customs agent and informant end up dead, the agent being buried
alive and the informant suffering torture before being stoned.

The Hawkhurst Gang plays a part in the bloody and violent history of
tea that I think a lot of people aren’t aware of. To me, the name
recalls an honest look at Tea’s history, which spans many countries
and cultures over a number of centuries. A history of tea that honors
the politics and cultural reality of this plant, this a luxury
foodstuff, this medicinal plant, is one that I want to share
with everyone.