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Honeyed Hong Yun #21


Hong Yun is a cultivar created by the TTRES by combining the Indian Kyang Assamica varietal with the Chinese Qimen varietal. Hong Yun, like it's cousin Ruby #18 is a cultivar that is most commonly grown and processed in the sun Moon Lake area of Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan.

 Unlike our previous lot of Hong Yun, this one is honeyed or known as "mi xiang". A tea is called honeyed or "mi Xiang" because small leafhoppers known in Taiwan as Jacobiasca Formosana feed on the tea leaves. As a result of these bites, the tea plant creates volatile chemicals they emit as a defense mechanism. Coincidentally, we find the affects these chemicals have on the produced tea to be pleasant.

Origin: Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County, Taiwan
Harvest date: September, 2020
Varietal: Hong Yun
Classification: Red tea
Flavor notes: Chocolate, Honey, Pomegranate

Recommended brewing:
4g of tea; 130ml of water
90 degrees celcius
1.5 minute first infusion

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