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Fenghuang Mi Lan Xiang

Fenghuang Mi Lan Xiang


This Dan Cong varietal comes from Feng Huang Mountain in Guangdong Province, China. Harvested in late May during the warmer part of the Spring harvest, this crop is less punchy and more delicate.

Feng Huang Dan Cong teas often embody different flavor profiles when grown in different areas of Feng Huang Mountain. This particular Dan Cong is a Mi Lan Xiang. Mi Lan Xiang translates to, "Honey Orchid Fragrance". With notes of rose, brown sugar, and a lasting apricot finish, we think the name is very apt.

Origin: Fenghuang Moutain, Guangdong Province, China
Harvest: April, 2024
Flavor notes: Rose, Brown sugar, Apricot

Recommended brewing:
6g of tea; 8oz of water
90 degrees celcius
1.5 minute first infusion

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