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Jasmine Oolong

Jasmine Oolong


This scented oolong tea was hand harvested on Bamboo Mountain April. The tea was scented 3 times in Mingjian, Taiwan during Jasmine season.

Jasmine blossoms and lightly oxidized tea go very well together. The Jasmine aroma and flavor are very present, though it doesn't dominate the delicate sweet and vegetal notes of the tea. Through continued infusions, the jasmine fades and makes way for more of a dominant oolong flavor.


Origin: Zhu Shan, Taiwan
Harvest: April, 2019
Varietal: Jin Xuan
Type: Scented Oolong Tea
Flavor notes: Jasmine, lightly sweet, vegetal

Recommended brewing:
5g of tea; 130ml of water
90 degrees celcius
1.5 minute first infusion

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