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Lu Shan Yun Wu

Lu Shan Yun Wu


Lushan is located in northern Jiangxi Province, China and has been home to some of China's most prized teas. Grown at a high altitude, fog covers the tea fields every morning, giving this tea its name. Yun Wu translates to Cloud Mist.

This is the first time we have included Lushan Yun Wu as one of our offerings. Once we tasted it, the savory roasted qualities and sugary sweet notes had us hooked.

We think, for this tea, it is best to err on the side of shorter infusions. Longer infusions tend to extract more of the bitter roasted flavors, yielding an overly dry cup of tea.

Origin: Xiaotianchi, Lushan, Jianxi Province China
Harvest date: 3/22/2022
Varietal: Wild Tea Varietals
Classification: Green tea
Flavor notes: Tamari Almonds, Leafy Greens, Lingering  Light Sugary Finish

Recommended brewing:
3.5g of tea; 120ml of water
80 degrees celcius
1 minute first infusion

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