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Zhu Ye Qing

Zhu Ye Qing


Zhu Ye Qing is a well known tea from Sichuan Province, China. It has been grown and produced on Emei Mountain for centuries. Although, it wasn't until fairly recently that it was given the name Zhu Ye Qing due to its resemblance to budding bamboo leaves. 竹 (Zhu)  meaning bamboo, 叶(ye), meaning leaf, and 青(Qing) meaning a shade of green.

This early spring harvested tea consists of a one bud to one leaf pluck. After harvesting, the leaves are withered on bamboo.
When the tea is ready to be fired, it is placed in a heated wok to start killing the enzyme that oxidizes the leaves. To shape the leaves, the heat is reduced, allowing the person producing the tea to press the leaves down as they dry. The final product is a bud wrapped up in a larger leaf. 


Origin: Mount Emei, Emeishan City, Leshan, Sichuan Province, China
Harvest date: 3/12/2020
Classification: Green Tea
Flavor notes: Bok choy, Sweet Green Pepper, Floral

Recommended brewing:
4g of tea; 120ml of water
75 degrees celcius
1 minute first infusion

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